Wax-Resin Ribbon

Wax-resin ribbon is more resistant to changes in humidity and temperature. It has a transfer temperature between wax and resin ribbons and is often used for shipping labels, barcode labels and pharmaceutical applications. They provide a sharp and clear image on a wide range of material types.

ELEMENTS Carbon, wax & resin
  • Moderately priced
  • Resin holds a higher percentage compared to wax. Hence, a mid-heat setting is required.
  • Mid scratch, smudge & chemical resistance.
  • Withstand moderate temperature change.
  • Semi-gloss paper.
  • Coated & uncoated tag.
  • Synthetic PE & PP labels.
  • Lasting print quality for data recording.
  • Logistic; parcel and document information.
  • Warehousing; inventory tracking.
  • Barcoding; asset tagging.
  • Hospital; patient data and documents.
  • Retail; price tagging.

We market different size & length of TT ribbons for various applications.

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