Resin Ribbon

Resin ribbon is made with a full layer of pure resin. The transfer temperature is very high, so the pressure dissolves in the label, resulting in a very durable print. They are designed for use with synthetic materials in environments with harsh to extreme chemical exposure and/or exposure to excessive abrasion It is often used for textile labels, medical applications and flexible packaging.

ELEMENTS Carbon & resin.
  • Most durable, also most costly.
  • Mid to high heat settings required due to high resin-based substance.
  • Best choice for harsh & extreme environmental conditions.
  • High resistance against scratch, smudge, heat, moisture, UV, and chemicals.
  • Synthetic PE & PP labels.
  • Polyester labels.
  • For vital info printing.
  • Product Labelling; expiry / best before date.
  • Manufacturing; manufacturing date.
  • Warehousing; inventory tagging.
  • Barcoding; asset tagging.
  • Outdoor; exposed to moisture and water.
  • Pharmaceutical; essential data and barcode.

We market different size & length of TT ribbons for various applications.

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