Electronic Shelf Labels

Electronic Shelf Price Tags work using electronic paper to display information on a screen. These shelf price tags updates the prices & information wirelessly.

  • With just a few clicks from a remote server electronic shelf price tags can automatically update thousands of displays simultaneously across several channels.
  • Electronic Shelf Price Tags work using electronic paper or liquid crystal paper to display information on a screen. Through a local network, electronic shelf price tags can easily update the prices whenever necessary.
  • Price update is one of the electronic shelf price tags’ most substantial assets, making this display module an excellent solution for businesses that offer shopping in physical locations.
  • Electronic shelf price tags allow for fast, accurate, and consistent manipulation of price and promotional strategies, making it beneficial for stores with several branches in varying locations.
  • ESL is not just about showing product prices. It acts as a guide to help customers decide which product to purchase.
  • ESL can show more information besides the price. With QR code customer  can check the additional information displayed on the ESL, such as the nutritional facts, the price per weight, and remaining stocks. 
  • In case your supermarket runs out of product, ESLs also show QR codes. Once customers scan your store’s QR code, it will lead them to your app or website so they can order more stocks online.
  • Manually changing your paper labels is time-consuming.
  • ESLs can implement dynamic pricing, which enables your store to adjust prices in real-time and stay profitable despite price fluctuations.
  • ROI is essential for any business, which ESLs don’t miss to provide. You might think that using paper labels is way cheaper, but that’s a thought you must reconsider. Paper labels require expenses for ink, printing equipment and require too much time to install new labels.
  • With ESL, you can bid your goodbyes to those papers, printers, and ink. In an instant, you can update your product labels and allot more time on serving customers—you will see savings in labor and materials cost in the long run.  
  • Automating the inventory through ESL eliminates manual labor and improves your service level, ensuring that customers will receive the items they ordered on time.
  • ESL can provide an accurate insight into your inventory and alert associates when products are low in stock or reaching expiration. From store associates to direct store delivery personnel, anyone can be notified by these alerts. The accurate insight also gives shorter lead times and lower costs and reduces unnecessary storage and handling.
  • Automated inventory also allows for demand alignment and forecasting, reducing your stock-outs, improving your delivery, leading to more satisfied customers.
  • With ESL, communication is made easy through omnichannel, which combines physical and online commerce.
  • Display stock levels – customers can know whether the supply is limited
  • Display online prices of competition – get consumers’ trust when you say you have the best price
  • Enable item ordering through QR codes
  • Display reviews of products – show shoppers what others like about a product

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